Restylane Contour®

Restylane Contour® is a hyaluronic acid filler that adds shape and volume to the cheeks and mid-face. The proprietary cross-linking technology of Restylane Contour® means this dermal filler is highly flexible. Your results will look naturally beautiful and will move with the expressiveness of your face. Because of its flexibility and viscosity, Restylane Contour® doesn’t create the frozen, over-filled look you may be worried about. To learn more about it, please call SILK, A Medical Spa, in Encino at 818-981-8888.

What is a Youthful Face Shape?

Whether you have always wanted higher, prominent cheeks, or are noticing a gradual descent of your cheeks as the years pass, this filler can be a good option. Although Restylane Contour® can benefit younger adults as well, the injectable is great for facial fat loss that occurs with age.

When we’re young, our facial shape is like an inverted triangle. The upper third of the face is full, and gently tapers to a well-defined chin. Facial fat pads beneath the skin sit high and firm, creating an elevated brow, open eyes, well-defined cheeks, and a sharp jaw line. As the years pass, the triangle inverts. Collagen and elastin naturally break down, which causes our skin to lose firmness and elasticity. The fat pads on the cheeks and elsewhere descend. In general, the lower part of the face becomes fuller, and the upper portions hollow out and droop downward.

There are many services at SILK targeted at the way the triangle inverts as you age, including Restylane Contour®. This injectable is specifically designed to address the way the cheeks hollow out and fall due to loss of collagen, elastin, and facial fat beneath the skin. The shape becomes more youthful when firm, defined cheek pads are restored.

What is Restylane Contour®?

Restylane Contour® is an injectable filler. Its benefits include:

  • Fuller, better defined cheeks
  • Youthful facial definition
  • Restored mid-face volume

The cross-linked hyaluronic acid utilizes XpresHAn technology for optimal softness and flexibility without sacrificing support and lift. As an added bonus, this injectable contains lidocaine to numb the treatment area.

Restylane Contour® Frequently Asked Questions

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