4 Signs You Should Consider Daxxify®

daxxify Along with age can come various skin issues that most people would prefer to keep at bay for as long as possible. And for those aesthetic issues such as wrinkles and fine lines, Daxxify injectables are often the go-to choice of treatment. But not all wrinkles are created equally—so what wrinkles can you look out for to determine whether or not you need Daxxify?

Here’s your answer:

You have unwanted forehead creases.

Forehead creases are one of the most common wrinkles that most people consider Daxxify injections to correct. Throughout most of your life, forehead creases and deep wrinkles in that area are considered “dynamic wrinkles,” which appear when emoting most facial expressions, from smiling and laughing to scowling and crying.

As time passes, those wrinkles can eventually become “static” wrinkles, meaning they remain on your face regardless of expression. And though Daxxify is intended to smooth out dynamic wrinkles, not static ones, it can help prevent the formation of new ones.

You developed crow’s feet.

Lateral canthal lines, more colloquially known as “crow’s feet,” are those small, fine-line wrinkles that form at the corners of your eyes. These two are dynamic wrinkles that, if given enough time, can become static wrinkles. However, as these are finer, thinner wrinkles, they can be diminished with the use of Daaxify injectables.

You have small bunny lines.

You may also want to consider Daxxify injectables if you have found that bunny lines have formed in conjunction with your crow’s feet. Bunny lines are those small, diagonal lines that rest opposite to crow’s feet around the inner corner of the eyes. As with most other facial fine lines, they are formed over time through the repetition of certain expressions and facial movements.

You have prominent neck bands.

Lastly, you may also have neck bands that you’d like to see resolved through Daxxify injectables. Neck bands are the creases that run horizontally across your neck and appear naturally as a result of aging—they are also often accompanied by sagging skin and can also be caused by significant weight loss.

Smooth Out Your Wrinkles With Silk

If you are currently living with any of the wrinkles mentioned above, you could be free of them before you know it by reaching out to Silk: A Medical Spa. Located conveniently in Encino, CA, and serving all of their surrounding communities, your rejuvenated face could be just a call away at 818-981-8888.

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